Hello, Iā€™m Eddie Cook.

As a curious person, I am drawn to constantly learn new things. Asking the right questions is one of my stronger skillsets, reflecting my curiosity nature, strong critical thinking skills, & understanding of the human psychology.

My experiences in solving broad problem spaces and turning them into a valuable experience along with my strong analytical and empathetical abilities help me optimize complex processes into simple and efficient workflows for users worldwide.

On my journey, I have worked as a barista, a culinary chef, senior care-taker, graphic designer, & product designer. However, I always had a itch deep inside, a yearning to learn and explore the world around me. I had a curiosity, a desire to investigate that could not be satisfied with what I was doing. These soul searching opportunities taught me the importance of empathy, attention to detail, and storytelling.

In my time as a designer, I worked with many teams and had the pleasure of meeting great people and working on great projects from the initial phases of research to the final stages of concept refinement. I have great communication skills and have a keen eye for unique opportunities that present itself. I am a hardworking, friendly, and a humorous.

Simply, I work hard, think hard, and sleep even harder.